Wellness Coaching

In my work as a life and wellness coach, stress management is a concern for many of my clients. Stress is unavoidable and inevitable for all of us; it is a major contributor to many diseases and presents several health risks. The good news is that we can mitigate the health and emotional toll that is caused by stress and cure our stress related, “dis”- ease by adopting new strategies.

Wellness coaching can help you overcome self-satisfying habits and is an essential part of a wise treatment program for many chronic medical conditions, including: heart disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer, and metabolic syndrome. It is highly beneficial if you are a person with moderate to severe health challenges and aspire to peak performance, and living a joyful, meaningful and satisfying life.

Establish healthy coping strategies to reduce and manage stress. Wellness coaching can help you find and employ healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. Stress related issues cause most diseases and are the reason for 75-90 % of all doctor visits. As a coach I am your behavior change expert who will be your ally on your journey to better health and balance. It takes more than information and willpower to reclaim health and balance. We will work on a wellness plan with methodologies developed by leading wellness expert Dr. Michael Arloski. A wellness plan is a great tool for envisioning a better life and turning that vision into a reality.

You will learn to draw on your own ability to make lasting changes for better health and well-being. We will work in concert with your healthcare team to:

  • Assess your condition
  • Improve treatment program compliance
  • Create a foundation for health
  • Make lasting lifestyle changes
  • Silence your inner critic
  • Develop new spiritual pathways
  • Regain physical and emotional strength